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25 Funny Bathroom Signs… #11 Is So Hilarious It Made Me Pee.

It’s one of those things that’s everywhere we go but also is so commonplace that we hardly notice it at all: It’s the sign for the bathroom, and we can count more than a few times we were happy to see it.

Still though, there’s not much you can do to inspire creativity in a bathroom sign, is there? Well, these bathroom signs just so happen to prove that theory wrong.

From clever illustrations to slightly crude concepts on the idea of the men’s and women’s restrooms, these bathroom signs will have you cracking up — just don’t laugh too much if you really have to pee.

#1. If the shoe fits…

#2. Women definitely have it harder.

#3. Because bathrooms can be pretty social.

#4. Accurate.

#5. A perfect way to illustrate it.

#6. We see what they did there.

#7. Clever.

#8. It’s true.

#9. Gender neutral bathrooms are the future.

#10. Get it?

#11. Breakfast won’t taste the same after this.

#12. Straight to the point.

#13. Sure, why not.

#14. When everyone has to pee.

#15. Things could get confusing if you’re a chick that happens to like ties.

#16. There’s free cans of spinach in both.

#17. Not sure what’s going on here.

#18. Pick your poison.

#19. Yup.

#20. We appreciate the simplicity of this.

#21. When bathroom signs go 3D.

#22. Easy enough.

#23. Just the place you want to see when you can’t hold it any longer.

#24. Hot Doug’s in Chicago.

#25. And finally, the most elaborate and terrifying bathroom sign out there.